Supporting Your Child

If you think your child may have special educational needs: e.g. your child may not be happy, may be struggling in class, is showing some behaviour issues which are cause for concern, in the first instance, you can communicate your concerns to your child’s class teacher.

We encourage communication with you at all times and teachers will speak to you if they are concerned your child is not making the progress they should be in their school life. Alternatively you may also contact our Head of School.

If your child has SEND that is known to the school, be involved, find out what your child has been up to in school and ask them about their learning at home. Keep talking to us at school about what is working and we can work together for the best outcomes. Listening to your child and building a good partnership between parents and school is key.

Come along to parents meetings to find out about the progress your child is making and find out what you can do at home to support further. Read through their reports, individual education plans (IEPS) and pupil passports to find out even more. Share these with your child as appropriate.

Read with and to your child, share their homework with them and find ways to help them to feel included in school life. Talk to your child’s class teacher about what else you can do to support your children.

Be with your child, enjoy their company, celebrate their successes and tell them how wonderful they really are!