Wrap Around Care (Before & After school clubs)

We know that many of our children require child care either side of the school day – due to work or occasionally due to unforeseen circumstances.

To help with this we offer a breakfast club and an after school club (which we call Buddies).

Breakfast club is provided from 8am – 8.45am and costs £4.20per session. During breakfast club we will provide your child with a healthy breakfast and activities to warm their brains up for the day!

After school Buddies is provided from 3.15-5.15 and costs  £4.20 for the first hour or £8 for the two hours. During Buddies we will provide your child with a snack and some fun activities to wind down after a long day at school! The children can also use this time to complete their homework and we are happy to help with this!

Our wrap around care is open to all of our year groups and simply requires parents to book, in advance, their space. (we do appreciate there are occasionally last minute circumstances that lead to care being needed, but wherever possible, advance notice is best!)

Our extended services team is Mrs Mallet, Mrs Brenton and Miss Lavis!