Our Aims

At Braddock school we aspire to motivate and inspire our children to become lifelong learners and to achieve their full potential within a nurturing yet challenging environment.

Our personalised and creative curriculum aims to provide opportunities for all children to work confidently and in greater depth with independence and enthusiasm. The Christian values of the church underpin learning at Braddock and help our children to become compassionate, respectful citizens in our school, local and wider communities.

In our schools, every person will be valued and loved in equal measure. The parable of the Lost Sheep (Luke chapter 15 vs 3-6) underpins our vision and demonstrates that each individual within our community is unique and precious. Our school is a place where every person has the right to be themselves, to be included and to learn in a safe and happy environment. Everyone at our school is equal and treats each other with respect and kindness.